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Liz P.G. Hirsch is a rabbi serving Berkshire County 

in Western Massachusetts and beyond


Equal Pay Day 

Chapter in Prophetic Voices: Renewing and Reimagining Haftarah


Reproductive Justice and Levirate Marriage: May I Not Go Out Empty

Chapter in The Social Justice Torah Commentary

Abortion Measure Speaks to Notion of Valuing Individual Dignity 

The Boston Globe

Welcome the stranger, vote yes on 4

The Berkshire Eagle

5781: A Shmita Year

Awarded Honorable Mention in The Shmita Prize Competition

Don't Call Me a Female Rabbi

The Future of Work: Lessons for Clergy from the COVID-19 Pandemic
CCAR Journal: the Reform Jewish quarterly 

The Importance of Showing Up: Why I lobbied for the ROE Act

5 Important Skills for Youth in the 21st Century

Tikkun Middot: bringing ourselves into balance for the new year

Yoga as a Jewish Worship Practice: chukat hagoyim or spiritual innovation?
CCAR Journal: the Reform Jewish quarterly



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